The relationship with our suppliers and subcontractors

Our strategy is aimed at globalisation of the Supply Chain. To do this, we have local suppliers and/or suppliers with global presence, with a view to improving our supplies demanding price, quality and delivery period levels that allow us to gain competitive advantages within our sector. In this way, we integrate our suppliers throughout the supply chain in order not only to improve our products, but also our manufacturing processes.

Those companies that want to become suppliers of GRI Renewable Industries must undergo an approval process in accordance with the critical nature of the activity they perform.

Furthermore, through our Code of Ethics and Conduct, we lay the foundations for the values and principles we use to govern our contractual relationships with our suppliers.

The main activities of GRI Renewable Industries’ Supply Chain Department, through the different areas that configure it, include the definition of the purchase strategy, the planning, supplier quality process development and the search for synergies among all the companies that configure the Group in a fair and impartial manner. Furthermore, to improve the efficiency of the complete supply chain, the Department integrates its own logistics area. To contact us, please send an email to:

The main purchases we make of raw materials for each of the business lines are::

  • Steel Plates
  • Wind Tower flanges
  • Mechanical, electrical and weldable internals
  • Paint

  • Steel Billets/Bars
  • Steel Plates

  • Scrap, ingots and ferroalloys
  • Resins, catalysts and paints
  • Sands

This type of purchases are made transversally for all business units. The main ones are:

  • Industrial Supplies
  • Machinery
  • Construction works and Services

Through this area, we coordinate the different units, as a key factor within the organisation, standardising and optimising both the processes and logistics procedures.

  • Sea transport
  • Land transport
  • Internal and external warehouses
  • Customs