Committed to Sustainability

We understand the Corporate Social Responsibility as a model of responsible management and a commitment to ethics, transparency, justice and collaboration with our stakeholders wherever we operate.

Our corporate culture sets the course that will allow us to achieve our goal, which is to become a sustainable company. We are directing our efforts to ensure that the whole company shares the same corporate culture and that it is conveniently adapted to its environment, in accordance to its local requirements and regulations.


Our clients are at the center of our business.

We are dedicated to designing the solutions that they require in collaboration with them and adapting our capabilities to their needs based on terms of quality and variety of product and service.

As a team we seek out new opportunities that will consolidate their success because we consider that the success of our clients results in success, for us also.

In our efforts to find solutions to the challenges our clients confront us with we have directed our model of internationalisation towards an approximation of our resources to their operative requirements. This has led to us having operations in more than twenty-five countries in which we have insisted on the creation of local networks that ensure that our relationship with the communities in which we are integrated is of mutual enrichment.


We encourage the advancement of our professionals.

Honesty, humility, tenacity and work have characterized our project since its commencement. These values allow us to establish trust with all those with whom we work with.

We are convinced that business in the 21st century is based on the advancement of the use of initiative by its professionals. For this reason we promote the ideas of our collaborators and their capacity to carry them out. We also promote dialogue between our team and the members of all the implicated communities by sharing objectives, values and beliefs


Leading the change

We lead the change. We are living in a moment of profound change in the social and economic contexts that demands a re-thinking of processes and a new focus on the chain of values of our industry. Innovation has formed a part of our DNA since our earliest beginnings and characterises our management philosophy. This has helped us to confront the different and always complex circumstances of the markets in which we operate.

This management philosophy, united with a strong commitment to the use of new information and communication technologies when working with our groups of interest makes us active participants in the Third Industrial Revolution.


Economic, social and environmental

We know that the sustainability of our business depends on our capacity to offer positive economic, social and environmental results.

We have designed a development strategy that integrates environmental management into all our activities.

We consider environmental management as a basic component of the up and coming industrial advances of the near future. Responsible progress will be the only possible permissible progress. We believe that constant re-investment and innovation are the key to maintaining competitively in any business. For this reason we dedicate our resources to the continuous improvement of our services, our range of solutions and to our manner of supplying them, making our suppliers participants in our initiatives and principles.

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