Part II
Economic Dimension

In recent years, GRI Renewable Industries has made an extraordinary investment effort totalling close to 500 million euros since its creation.

Growth and global presence

This 2018 GRI Flanges China IV and GRI Towers India II have started operating.

Balance Sheet

In recent years, GRI Renewable Industries has made an extraordinary investment effort totalling close to 500 million euros since its creation. The consolidation of the plants started up in recent years and the beginning of operations in other new plants are foreseen within the fiscal year 2019.

The company´s key economic figures are outlined below:

Supply Chain

GRI Renewable Industries´ suppliers are an indispensable asset within the value chain, for their importance in project planning and in the project’s cost competitiveness.

The following areas are integrated in the ¨Supply Chain¨ corporate division: Procurement, Warehouses, Purchases (direct and indirect), Supplier Quality and Logistics.

In 2018 we have focused on the definition and implementation of the new portal, and in particular on the updating and re-evaluation of our standard suppliers. A total of 70 new suppliers were evaluated and 41 existing suppliers were re-evaluated, amounting to a total of 111 suppliers. In addition to the evaluation, 20 ”in-situ” audits, both for products and processes, were conducted by the purchase teams from the Plants and Corporate.

The total expenditure in providers in 2018 reached 506,329,772 euros, of which 81% corresponds to local agents.

Information Security

The necessary mechanisms have been established to safeguard information privacy and to protect the data of customers and providers, as well as to manage and treat documentation adequately according to its level of relevance, and to enhance security.

In the year 2018, the following measures, among others, have been taken to improve security policies:

In addition, training sessions have been carried out in both corporate and plant offices on the risks of connecting to public networks and protecting your personal data, due to the risk this new type of crime poses to people and assets.


The success of GRI Renewable Industries is based on its capacity to identify and meet its customer needs. As the only supplier with the capacity to design and manufacture new prototypes of towers and flanges, innovation plays an essential part.

Because of this, we have highly qualified innovation teams, who focus directly on improving our products, on process efficiency and cost reductions, while keeping to our high safety and quality standards. The main initiatives in this field are described in the innovation section.

In addition, we pay special attention to meeting our customer’s demands, which is why all plants are certified under international quality standards ISO 9001.

Furthermore, plants that supply products to the European market, or which are required to do so by the customer, have the EN1090 certificate. These products bear the CE conformity marking.

Likewise, we follow a rigorous procedure of homologation and control of suppliers to ensure the adequate reception of raw materials, components and equipment according to our requirements.

Products and processes innovation

The R+D+I department is in charge of managing and coordinating projects related to innovation, together with plant staff. There is also the division known as “GRI Hybrid Towers”, located in Madrid and designated to hybrid tower designs.

Within the most significant matters of this year, we pride ourselves on the approval of the project to create the “Elcano Centre for Innovation and University Training” in the Port of Seville.

In addition, we must highlight the upcoming opening of an R&D centre in Turkey within the GRI Tower Turkey’s facilities, which will have an area exclusively dedicated to machinery for the production of wind towers, with a multidisciplinary team permanently dedicated to this project.

With all this, the R&D team is already developing different equipment for the multiple critical manufacturing processes for towers with very satisfactory results. This shows the importance of innovation in our sector, which is not only external innovation through different collaborations, but also internal in order to serve as a reference for advanced production processes in order to reach operational excellence.

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