Other Products

Since its creation, GRI focused on satisfying the great demands of the wind, automotive and industrial markets.

Large forging bars

GRI´s precision forging business unit is specialized in supplying customized high-end equipment parts and all kinds forged bar and shaft


Grinding Balls

GRI´s steel ball business began in 2015 using the latest advanced heat treatment technologies, gaining a great track record and expertise on the market and supplying grinding media for large mine companies all over the word.


Nacelle components

This division focuses on the manufacture and supply of high technological standards and value-added components for wind turbines.
GRI, through Reducel, markets Yaw Rings, Pitch plates and other products to leading OEMs worldwide.
Reducel, with more than 25 years of experience in the wind energy sector, offers a large production capacity, is a strategic partner of its customers and provides solutions to both the Onshore and Offshore industry.

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