GRI Towers has been following its main clients to key strategic markets, with state of the art facilities, to provide them with a global & efficient supply, sharing our domestic view in addition to our experience in the export business.

GRI Towers

Nowadays, GRI Towers thorought its plants with presence worldwide: Spain, Brazil, United States, Turkey, India, South Africa and Argentina, generate a production of over 6,000 sections per year.


Our Towers

State-of-the-art installation for Onshore Towers, Offshore Towers and an ongoing investment on R&D&i.



GRI Towers was born with the acquisition of Ganomagoga in 2008, and it has become an important player in the supply of renewable wind energy components. In 2015, GRI Towers becomes a global leader, being the reference company of the wind turbine manufacturers in the world.

GRI Towers gives to our customers, services worldwide; sharing our domestic view in addition to our experience in the export business, thanks to our proven track record within the field of renewable energies in the wind industrial sector.

GRI Towers manages eight tower manufacturing plants which integrate the industrial processes of wind towers in the key strategic wind markets around the world. In addition, to manufacturing the onshore towers itself, it also equips each wind tower according to the individual specifications outlined by each customer, to provide them a global and efficient supply.

The scope includes:


Global presence

GRI Renewable Industries has 18 wind energy industrial component manufacturing facilities in 8 countries.

GRI Towers

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