We understand the Corporate Social Responsibility as a model of responsible management and a commitment to ethics, transparency, justice and collaboration with our stakeholders wherever we operate.

Sustainability Report 2023

The Sustainability Report 2023 summing up our performance on economic, social and environmental scopes.

Committed to Sustainability

Our corporate culture sets the course that will allow us to achieve our goal, which is to become a sustainable company. We are directing our efforts to ensure that the whole company shares the same corporate culture and that it is conveniently adapted to its environment, in accordance to its local requirements and regulations.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics details our vision and principles. It works as an ethic and legal framework for all our employees, and for everything we do at GRI Renewable Industries.

Social Action

Our social action programs strive to contribute to the full cultural, social, and educational integration of all, thereby promoting a progressive and equal society.

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