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From the very beginning, innovation has been a key factor to the success and growth of our company. We have been able to adapt our processes, products, services and the way we communicate to what our sector, costumers and organization requires. We understand innovation as a constant habit in the performance of our daily tasks. The possibility of working in an innovating environment and with a high ethical commitment has allowed us to gain the trust of our stakeholders and employees and attract the most talented people.

  • LeadingTheChange University is the corporate project whose aim is to enhance, integrate and coordinate the training activities in our company.
  • The objective of this project consists in developing the leadership and talent of the employees of our organization with training offers tailored to their needs for continuous professional development.
  • It is for this reason that we offer to our employees all the high value knowledge adapted to their needs, which become them more competitive and productive.


GRI’s commitment to the health and safety of all our employees and partners is unwavering. Our new policy on occupational safety and health reinforces this commitment.

Safety at work benefits everyone and it falls on everyone. From each one’s responsibility, we can all contribute together to work more safely every day. I invite you to actively participate, contribute with your experience, and help in improving the conditions of our workplaces.

Our mission is to satisfy the global needs of our clients by taking into account their activity, employee security and respect for the environment.

GRI is a leading company in our industry, and we want to be leaders in occupational health and safety. This would only be possible with the commitment of all employees of GRI. Safety at work is everyone’s responsibility.

Principles of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

  1. To provide a safe and healthy work environment in all our work places.
  2. To integrate occupational health and safety in all our managerial processes.
  3. To involve every employee in the occupational health and safety management, according to their own functions and responsibilities.
  4. To promote a true occupational health and safety preventive culture among all the levels in the organization.
  5. To reach for the maximum standards in the field of occupational health and safety, fulfilling all the applicable legal requirements and local regulations, besides the corporate procedures and policies.
  6. To continuously assess the risks associated to each job position.
  7. To plan, coordinate and implement preventive actions in to minimize the risk in every work place. Work place managers would review the preventive planning.
  8. To learn from experience and improve occupational health and safety management continuously.
  9. To provide continuous training and awareness, to all the employees, according to the functions and the risks of their job positions.
  10. To surveillance workers’ health status according to the risks of their job positions.
  11. To assess occupational health and safety management through internal and external audits to verify the implementation and effectiveness of the present Policy.
  12. To demand responsibility from suppliers and collaborators, and the compliance of all the GRI Renewable Industries