Social Dimension


At GRI Renewable Industries, having a strategy that allows us to have excellently trained and motivated professionals is a key aspect in order to grow as a competitive, solid and sustainable company, since the development and future of a company is largely dependent on the commitment and work of its team. For this reason, the Human Resources department ensures to guarantee stable and quality employment, with growth and promotion opportunities for our employees.

In 2019, the workforce of GRI Renewable Industries comprised of 4,140 own professionals and 597 external collaborators, with a total of 4,737 employees.

Training and professional development

In 2019 a total of 42,922 hours was trained. This is an average of 10.4 hours per employee.

Health & Safety

To GRI Renewable Industries, the Health and Safety of our employees is key, and is always present in the decision making process and in the development of work plans focused on the constant improvement of safety and working conditions in all production centres.

Our integrated management system (IMS) is based on the international standard ISO 45001. 25% of all the plants are certificated on the standard ISO 45001 and, the 50% are certificated under Standard OHSAS 18001 and in process of migration to the new standard. The factories of India II (planned for 2021), Casting Zestoa and Flanges Iraeta do not have this accreditation.

IPRL: Excellence System for Health and Safety Management

IPRL or Occupational Risk Prevention Index is an own standards about Health and Safety developed by GRI Renewable Industries and it is a tool that lets evaluate in a precision way the improvements in Health and Safety matter in all the productive factories.

In 2019 we have improved employment conditions globally by 8.6% and prevention management by 14.9%.


At GRI Renewable Industries, we continuously monitor indicators related to accident rates, being fully integrated within the IPRL structure.

Training and awareness-raising

Health and Safety training has increased slightly in 2019, with a total of 31,076 hours.

Social Action

One of the GRI Renewable Industries priorities is to support local development in those areas where we are present. Therefore, we have stablished collaboration agreement with non-profit organizations which we carry out various local and corporate activities.

Contribuition from Corporate

Local contribution

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