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GRI Renewable Industries

GRI Renewable Industries S.L. was founded in 2008 as the main provider of towers, flanges and castings for the renewable energy sector. We use cutting-edge technology to supply high quality products and services all around the world.

GRI Renewable Industries maintains the same values from its origin “honesty, humility, tenacity and work”, together with the principles and guidelines from the Code of Ethics and Conduct, a comprehensive and balance management, the collaborative of a team qualified professionals who are proud to work at GRI Renewable Industries, have enable us to growth as a solid, profitable and sustainable company with a global presence.

This ethics and corporate values that have remarked the path, are what inspired the purpose of the company “Doing Well by Doing Green”.

Only acting correctly, believing in what it is doing, working honestly and consistently, things can be achieved correctly.

2020 GRI figures

GRI Renewable Industries understands the Sustainability as a model that integrated responsible management and a commitment of ethics, transparency and collaboration with our stakeholders, in order to enjoy a cleaner environment and with fewer inequalities that contributes to achieve the Sustainability Development Goals.

Global Presence


In recent years, GRI Renewable Industries has made an extraordinary investment effort totalling close to 500 million euros since its creation. Despite the global pandemic that impacted all the countries where GRI operates, 2020 was a year characterized by strong growth in both the towers and flanges divisions, especially in China.

The company´s key economic figures are outlined below:
• Economic Value Created (EVC): 769 million euros.
• Economic Value Distributed (EVD): 645 million euros.
• Economic Value Retained (EVR): 125 million euros.
• The Net worth of the company: 392 million euros.

Sustainable funding

In recent years, the number of financial agents that incorporate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria in their decision making is growing exponentially.

In line with this trend, in 2020 we signed the first sustainable financing line with the Official Credit Institute (ICO), for the period 2020-2024. The financing applies to the Gonvarri Holding companies, GRI Renewable Industries and Gonvarri Industries.

Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

Following the launch of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, a new roadmap, aligned with Agenda 2030, was initiated to help meet these objectives, particularly those related to our core activities.


In 2020, a materiality study was conducted, including consultations with key stakeholders (management, employees, customers and suppliers). A total of 8 material issues were defined for all stakeholders, as outlined in the table below:

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