April 28, 2015

GRI Renewable Industries celebrates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Madrid, April 28, 2015. GRI Renewable Industries has deployed a communication campaign in all its production facilities around the world to promote safety awareness among their employees.

Coinciding with the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April the 28th, the Be safe! campaign focuses in the active role of all the employees to achieve the higher safety standards required by the company. The campaign serves also to communicate worldwide the principles of GRI’s new Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

The campaign has been conducted through participatory meetings in all the factories and it has used physical and on-line graphic materials in 8 different languages.

According to Javier Ímaz, CEO of GRI, “GRI is a leading company in our industry, and we want to be leaders in occupational health and safety too. This would be only possible with the commitment of all the employees of GRI.”

About GRI

GRI Renewable Industries (www.gri.com.es) was born in 2008 and it is the wind industrial division of Gonvarri Steel Industries. The company has currently 10 wind towers and flanges manufacturing plants in Spain, Brazil, China, Turkey, India and South Africa; and it supplies towers and high quality flanges in order to manufacture wind turbines worlwide. This has allowed the company to finish 2014 with sales of 450 million euros and about 3,000 employees.

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