May 28, 2019

GRI Renewable Industries consolidates its leadership in the flanges sector

Madrid, May 28, 2019.– GRI Renewable Industries reaches an agreement with its partner in China to integrate the industrial activity of Forjas de Iraeta (FIHI) in its investee Iraeta Energy Equipment Technology Stock (China) for the purpose of creating a worldwide leader in the wind flanges sector.

The integration will create a leader in a market that is increasingly demanding and constantly evolving in the field of renewables. The integration of both companies, given the size and relevance that will acquire on the markets, might consider resort to the capital market in the Asian markets to finance the prospects of growth and new opportunities in the coming years.

In addition to the onshore and offshore wind flanges selling activities that had been carried out by FIHI, it incorporates a unique capacity to manufacture flanges of various sizes for other sectors (flanges from 10 cm to 16 meters diameter), steel balls for mining, as well as the machine-tool industry.

About GRI Renewable Industries

Since 2008, GRI Renewable Industries (www.gri.com.es/en) develops its wind towers and flanges manufacturing activity in the wind energy sector. Currently, it has 16 manufacturing plants in Spain, the USA, Brazil, Argentina, China, Turkey, India and South Africa supplying high quality wind towers and flanges to the wind energy industry worldwide. The company finished 2018 with sales around 400 million euros and over 3,500 employees.

About Forjas de Iraeta Heavy Industries (FIHI):

The FIHI wind flanges factory is located in Zestoa, Guipúzcoa, Spain. Currently, GRI Renewable Industries acquired FIHI in 2011.

About Sandong Iraeta Heavy Industries (SIHI):

SIHI has four manufacturing plants for equipment basic parts in China. Since 2007, FIHI has participated in the joint venture with SIHI. The products mainly include hot forgings of four major sectors, namely new energy (wind power flange), nuclear power, oil refining, transmission lines and wear-resisting steel balls. It has the technical capacity to produce super large ring forgings, large barrel forgings and large marine engineering forgings. The products range in diameter from 10cm to 16 meter, and single weight from 0.3kg to 200tons are fully covered.




2019年5月28日于马德里。- GRI已与中国合作伙伴达成协议,将伊莱特锻造厂(FIHI)的工业作业并入其参与的伊莱特能源装备科技股份有限公司(中国)中,目的是打造风电法兰业全球领先地位。






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